Citrulline and arginine, why use them together as a no-booster?

citrulline and arginine

Citrulline and arginine – an effective no booster with a complex effect

You have probably wondered many times why no-boosters have similar additives in their composition. I am thinking here primarily of arginine and citrulline, which are very often combined in boosters. Arginine eventually causes an increase in nitric oxide in the body. Citrulline, in turn, intensifies the synthesis of arginine. Both supplements cause a muscle pump effect. Does it make sense to combine them together? Isn’t the combination of citrulline and arginine a waste of money? We explain everything in the following text.

Combining citrulline with arginine in no-boosters, does that make sense?

An example here can be Gold Star Triple X, which contains l-citrulline with the addition of AAKG. Both substances belong to the group of no-boosters. Their purpose is to increase the synthesis of nitric oxide, which causes a significant muscle pump. Nitric oxide strongly affects blood vessels. It has the effect of increasing their cross-section, which allows for freer blood flow [1].

There is no doubt that circulation is one of the most important factors that support the growth of muscle mass. It is thanks to blood vessels and blood that we are able to provide oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. The circulatory system is also used to drain metabolites from the body. What’s more, such action also has pro-health benefits. Dilated blood vessels are less of a burden on the heart, which does not have to raise blood pressure so that oxygen is delivered throughout the body.

arginine citrulline no-boosters
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Citrulline is an excellent no-booster, so why arginine?

Scientific research proves that supplementation with arginine and citrulline gives a much better effect. Both amino acids support the synthesis of nitric oxide more strongly than their application individually. This means that both supplements give a much better muscle pump effect when they occur together.

Why is this happening?

There are several mechanisms that affect the synthesis of nitric oxide in the human body. Arginine and citrulline are among the precursors of nitric oxide. L-arginine, however, is the amino acid that directly intensifies the production of nitric oxide. So why use citrulline when we directly increase the synthesis of NO by administering arginine? Here the matter is a bit complicated for us.

Arginine is broken down by the arginase enzyme, which causes oral intake of the amino acid to be associated with significant losses [2]. Before it enters the bloodstream, a significant part of it is retained in the digestive system. It is converted to other amino acids [3]. With citrulline it is completely different. Citrulline is metabolized in the kidneys. It is there that it is transformed into arginine and in this way we bypass the action of the arginase enzyme [4].

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How much arginine are we able to use from a no-booster product?

A certain amount of arginine that we consume in the form of a supplement will be used for other needs of the body. However, part will get into the blood, where it will fulfill its task, in this case stimulate the muscle pump. There is a scientific publication that indicates that the effective dose of arginine, which translates into an improvement in exercise parameters, is 6-14 grams [5]. What’s more, the half-life is relatively short, but it is enough to fulfill its function as a nitric oxide booster.

Will l-citrulline replace arginine?

Scientists, bearing in mind the arginine-citrulline cycle that takes place in the human body, began to focus their attention on the use of l-citrulline as a promoter of nitric oxide. L-citrulline is not so easily broken down in the stomach and liver, so it reaches the kidneys and there it is converted to arginine. It turned out that l-citrulline may increase the amount of arginine in the blood more effectively than arginine alone [6]. However, this is not the end. There is an even more effective way to increase the muscle pump, that is, a combination of both substances.

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The combination of arginine and citrulline – a reaction in the body

The use of l-citrulline can also effectively inhibit the arginase enzyme [7]. This means that the use of a combination with citrulline in one supplement effectively increases the value of arginine itself. A study was performed where three groups were compared. The first group received 2 g of argi, the second group 2 g of citrulline, and the third group 1 g of argi and 1 g of citer.

The results were so clear that there can be no doubt that the combination of both compounds showed a much more effective stimulating effect on nitric oxide than taking supplements separately [8]. Administration of the same amount of active substances, but from other sources, allowed to double the result. The combination of amino acids also more effectively supports the muscular endurance of the body [9]. dietary supplements no-boosters and pre-workouts
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What dose brings good results?

Earlier we mentioned the use of arginine alone, where its effective dose varies in the range of 6-14 grams. In the case of a combination of both amino acids, the dose that gives good results starts from 2 grams! It sounds really unbelievable, but it does. So we can save 5 grams of arginine by adding just 1 gram of citrulline. This explains a lot why manufacturers like such a combination in no-boosters.

Summary and conclusions

Nowadays, we quite often chase after modern substances, and we do not appreciate older supplementation schemes. All you need is a little knowledge to use these supplements that have been on the market for years much more effectively. Most importantly, they are fully tested and safe. People who consume huge doses of arginine can increase its effectiveness by adding a small amount of l-citrulline and save on dosage.

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Currently, there is a substance on the market that is called Nitrosigine. It is a patented form of arginine in the form of arginine inositol silicate. It has a much stronger effect than classic l-arginine. Nitrosigine is absorbed after about 15 minutes, and its half-life reaches up to 6 hours. Where can you find Nitrosigine?

As much as 1.5 grams of Nitrosigine can be found in Sick Pump from Naughty Boy.Another excellent no-booster is Hydraulic from Axe & Sledge. The third product we recommend is Pump ONE from Nutraone.

What should you keep in mind when using no-boosters like citrulline and arginine?

  • Arginine in oral form is retained in the stomach and liver.
  • Adding citrulline to arginine inhibits its breakdown, limiting the enzyme responsible for its metabolism.
  • The combination of arginine and citrulline gives twice the effect of using the substance individually.