BCAA and EAA amino acids – dosage and effects of amino acid preparations

Aminoacids are a popular group of dietary supplements that supplement your daily diet. Their effect is primarily based on their nutritional and regenerative function. The body needs the amino acids contained in proteins to build muscle mass. Proteins must be digested into free amino acids before they can be used by muscles. Products such as BCAAs and EAAs are free amino acids. This means that your body does not need to digest them and they quickly enter the bloodstream. They bypass digestion and are absorbed directly into the body. Their effects are mainly used around training so as not to burden the digestive system. We can successfully use amino acids during or immediately after training.

BCAAs – role in the body

BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids. They comprise leucine, valine, and isoleucine. Their specific chemical structure gives them interesting properties. BCAA amino acids are mainly considered to have an anti-catabolic effect. BCAA supplementation helps to protect muscles and prevent breakdown processes. BCAAs also have a strong anabolic effect. All thanks to leucine, which stimulates the formation of new proteins. Leucine is one of the most desirable amino acids, as it determines training effects. BCAAs also have a significant effect on regeneration. They also have an effect that improves the function of the nervous system. BCAAs can sustain the wakefulness effect and prevent rapid fatigue. The body is unable to obtain a large amount of BCAAs from the diet. The use of BCAA supplements contributes to a significant improvement in regeneration.

EAA – dietary supplementation

Products providing essential amino acids are now strongly popular. We need to supply EAA amino acids to the body, as our body does not produce them. BCAAs alone is not enough for the full muscle mass-building process to take place. BCAAs are the initiator of protein synthesis, but the diet should cover the entire requirement for essential amino acids. Without an adequate amount of EAA essential amino acids, muscle building is not possible. EAAs are essential for many processes in the body. They are responsible for the construction and regeneration of all tissues.

How should amino acid supplements be dosed?

EAA and BCAA-based supplements are best taken around training. BCAAs are usually taken before or during training. A portion of 10 grams of BCAA amino acids before a workout will protect muscles, boost energy, and support effort. EAAs are best delivered after training. A set of EAA is a very good solution to provide all the essential amino acids. EAA after training will trigger the recovery process and allow muscles to gain strength faster. It is a good idea to take essential amino acids immediately after exercise, before the post-workout meal.

The best BCAA and EAA amino acids in the BodyShock.PRO shop.

In the BodyShock.PRO shop we have the best brands offering BCAA and EAA amino acids. Amino acids are a popular group of supplements that benefit athletes at every level. BCAAs increase exercise capacity, burn fat, and build muscle. EAAs regenerate and accelerate the growth of muscle mass.
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