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Fat Burner Red Inferno & Pre-Workout Red Alert

Hero Nutrition is a brand known for interesting supplementation solutions that perfectly complement advanced cycles. This time on the market we will meet its latest fat burner Red Inferno and pre-workout Red Alert, which offer us very strong compositions.

The products have been designed in such a way as to meet the expectations of customers. Their task is to compete with the strongest products in their categories. Will the new pre-workout and fat burner from Hero Nutrition cope with the task? Can we confidently invest? Don’t let your head 🤯 hurt we have a short review that will help you make a decision.

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Fat burner Red Inferno

Red Inferno is a very strong fat burner that contains a mixture of strong stimulating components. The product contains all the necessary ingredients that affect strong stimulation and strong thermogenesis. The composition includes a mixture of DMAA with DMHA and two forms of yohimbine. These additions in themselves already provide us with high gameplay in training in terms of stimulation, strength gains, well-being and motivation to act.

However, before we go on talking about what we think about the Red Inferno fat burner, you will take a look 🧐 at the composition.

The composition of the fat burner Red Inferno

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The mixture is very rich. It is difficult to attach to a single ingredient here to indicate that it is used aimlessly. First of all, we can distinguish several groups of active substances.

Stimulants – we find here DMAA, DMHA, Yohimbine HCL, Alpha Yohimbine, Caffeine and Higenamine HCL. These ingredients create an incredible synergy when it comes to potency. Their task is to maximize the ejection of neurotransmitters, which strongly intensifies the activation of the nervous system. In our opinion, only slightly more could be added DMHA and Yohimbine HCL. However, looking at the whole supplement is really thick here.

Thermogenics – White Willow Extract, Paradoxine, Synephrine, Cayenne Pepper. These are typical thermogenic substances that work well in fat burners to raise body temperature. The number of individual active compounds is at a decent level and they fulfill their task.


L-tyrosine, Hordenine and Noopept. Nootropic substances in the burner are currently a very fashionable solution, but they are not without sense. Reduction, weight loss is associated with the fact that we have to endure the effects of a low-calorie diet. The fat burner should first of all make it easier for us to conduct a diet. Appetite control, better support for insulin sensitivity – these are the basic elements important for slimming people. Nootropic substances also have the task of maintaining a high degree of focus and concentration, which we may need every day or during training. Nootropic substances will also be responsible for better well-being.

The supplement is also complemented by the addition of Bioperine and Matcha Green Tea Powder. Bioperine serves to improve the effect of the extracts contained in the product, and Matcha Extract provides a high dose of antioxidants including EGCG.

How to dose the Red Inferno fat burner?

A single serving is 1 capsule. It should be taken about 20-30 minutes before training. Fat burner should be used with an interval of 2 hours from a meal. Therefore, if you train, for example, at 4 p.m., you should finish eating by 2:00 p.m. The burner should be taken around 15.30.

Summary of the fat burner

Red Inferno is undoubtedly a product that provides us with the highest quality stimulants. One capsule works really hard. With a clear conscience, it can be said that the product is dedicated to advanced people who want to obtain a very low level of fatness. We do not recommend consuming the burner later than 16-17 o’clock, especially when you are sensitive to stimulants.

Red Alert DMAA pre-workout

Red Alert Pre-workout

Red Alert is an advanced stimulant and nootropic formula. The pre-workout has been armed with DMAA, a strong stimulant with a strong stimulating effect. Surprisingly, we will not find the popular DMHA additive in the product, but here we have the opportunity to test N-Phenetyl Dimethylamine. The ingredients are not only aimed at a strong stimulating effect. They affect energy transformations, focus and improvement of well-being. Let’s move on to the composition and look at whether there is anything to attach to.

What does Red Alert offer us? Is the pre-workout complete?

Composition of the Red Alert pre-workout

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The composition that Red Alert offers us is quite extensive. The list of active substances opens with three vitamins such as D3, C and B12. Is it a necessary addition? Here opinions are divided. A pre-workout supplement is not necessarily the product that must have vitamins. However, their addition does not interfere with anything, and a large amount of vitamin D3 is striking.

As a no-booster, Red Alert is based only on Citrulline Malate in the amount of 4000 mg. For people who like a powerful pump and are used to Agmatine , it may not be much. However, it is enough to feel the support for the muscle pump. Typical ingredients for improving the work of musculature are beta-alanine and creatine HCL.

Going further, because the further, the more interesting, we have ingredients that we can divide into typical stimulants and nootropic substances.

The work of the brain, nervous system, concentration and focus will be taken care of:

  • Alpha GPC,
  • NALT – acetylated tyrosine,
  • N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine
  • Choline bitartrate,
  • Mucuna Pruriens rich in L-Dopa,
  • Hordenine
  • Huperzine A.

As we can see, the amount of substances with a nootropic effect is impressive. Very well these ingredients balance the action of strong stimulants, which undoubtedly include geramine.

The stimulants included in the Red Alert pre-workout are:

  • Caffeine
  • Geranium HCL,
  • Higenamine HCL,
  • Alpha Yohimbine.

Is that enough? Does the lack of DMHA mean that the manufacturer has slightly missed the chance to get a strong stimulation? The answer is YES! The amount of stimulants, the selection of individual components works exemplary. As for the experience of our team of testers, the Red Alert pre-workout allows us to perform training at maximum speed without the effect of energy downhill. Remember that this is a powdered product and we can always sprinkle 1-2 grams more per serving if we are interested in even stronger action.

How to dose the Red Alert pre-workout?

We use pre-workout 30 minutes before the activity. Remember to keep about 2 hours apart from the meal so that its operation is optimal.

Summary of pre-workout

The Red Alert pre-workout has a significant content of nootropic and stimulating substances. it is a typical High Stim booster with a very strong stimulating effect. In our opinion, the supplement could have a slightly larger addition of pumpers, then acting as a no-booster would also be at a higher level, which would satisfy a wider audience. However, if you are looking for a typical pre-workout with a stimulating effect, it will meet your expectations.

Fat burner and pre-workout available in BodyShock.PRO

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