Mass UP

Building muscle mass – what does it consist of?

Building muscle mass (mass up) is a process that seeks to increase muscle. Training, diet, and supplementation are all aimed at anabolism. A well-chosen mass training regimen that receives the right amount of calories and protein is capable of building muscle. Your muscles get damaged during training. Microdamaged muscles need protein and calories to recover. During recovery, muscle fibers are rebuilt and thickened. Proper nutrition and choice of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats affect the rate of recovery. It is the diet for mass that determines whether the body is ready for the next workout. Dietary supplements are also helpful. In this category, you will find dietary supplements that enhance anabolism. 

Building muscle mass – how to start?

First of all, start with a well-calculated diet. Building muscle mass requires an optimal supply of protein. The amount of protein in the diet should be about 3 g per kg of body weight. Fats and carbohydrates are also important. The source of nutrients should be low-processed food. You won’t find good quality protein or fats in fast food products. They are full of empty calories and poor-quality carbohydrates. Training is also important. Choosing the right multi-joint exercises is an excellent way to increase muscle mass. It is during training that we give the signal for muscle growth. Exercises should primarily focus on squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.

Building muscle mass – mass diet

A mass diet primarily provides a surplus of calories. This means that you need to eat more than your body needs. The appropriate number of meals per day should take into account in your training. Building muscle mass also requires a lot of protein. Athletes often use mass gainers. Whey proteins and gainers are products that make dieting easier. Protein should come from whole animal sources. Such a source includes whey protein concentrate. Foods should be as little processed as possible. The nutritional value of the foods we eat is important. 

Supplements for mass up

We can divide supplements for mass into two categories. Anabolics such as creatine and nutritional supplements such as protein. Anabolics are dietary supplements that increase the ability to build muscle mass. These include prohormones, sarms, growth hormone boosters, testosterone boosters, appetite boosters, or PCT-type products. Their function is to modify metabolism. They also improve hormonal management. They raise testosterone levels and lower estradiol and cortisol. Often they are potent anabolic products, which do not differ in their potency from pharmacological agents. Such groups are prohormones and sarm. Nutritional products are protein, gainers, carbohydrates, or functional foods. Their function is to support the daily diet. Athletes mainly use good quality protein nutrients. 

What is worth remembering about building muscle mass?

Building muscle mass takes time. A good diet effectively supports muscle growth. Dietary supplements accelerate the growth of muscle mass.
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