SARM – action on muscles

The dietary supplement market has been supplemented with modern SARMs products. Their action is focused on improving training parameters, building muscle mass, but also not only. The supplements also support the body pro-health. An example of this type is Cardarine known as GW501516. Cardarine is excellent for supporting muscle endurance, but also for lowering cholesterol.

What are SARM-type products?

These are selective androgen receptor modulators. The action of SARMs targets individual tissues, which significantly reduces possible side effects. SARMs are called an alternative to doping agents, which is confirmed in the literature. These agents affect selected tissues, which is a significant advantage. The active ingredient acts only on muscles, bones and other tissues, such as those that build joints. The genesis of SARMs is the use of them as treatment enhancers. First of all, they were to act as light anabolics. Their action was to accelerate tissue regeneration, shortening the time needed for healing.

Ostarin – the best studied SARM

Ostarin is the flagship example of a SARM substance with moderate anabolic activity. MK2866 is used as a base for most cycles. It supports the growth of muscle mass and offers the possibility of faster recovery. Studies show its anti-inflammatory potential. Those who use Ostarin feel an improvement in joint function, a reduction in joint pain.

What effects do they produce?

  • They increase the level of anabolism,
  • Strengthen bones,
  • Build muscle mass,
  • Increase muscle endurance,
  • Protect against catabolism,
  • Increase fat consumption,
  • Improve libido.

Side effects

If we compare ostarine with anabolic steroids, for example, ostarine is undoubtedly a much healthier supplement. SARMs do not have the side effects that steroids have. It is a good idea to have PCT on hand so that you can unblock if necessary. These supplements can block. Possible side effects also result from the combination of different agents.

What products stand out?

The most popular agents:
  • Cardarine – GW501516,
  • Ostarine – MK2866,
  • Ligandrol – LGD4033
  • Stenabolic – SR9009
  • Testolone – RAD140
  • S23
  • YK11
  • Ibutamoren – MK677
However, we must remember that both YK11 and MK677 are not classic SARMs.

What agents to combine with each other?

For building muscle mass, we can combine Ostarin with LAG4033 or RAD140. We can also add MK-677, a ghrelin mimetic with growth hormone booster effects. MK677 will allow us to eat more, but also acts as a growth hormone booster. If your goal is to reduce it is worth combining Ostarin with GW501516 and SR9009. This combination will not only stimulate fat reduction. A good combination of agents will help protect muscle from catabolism, as well as promote the building of pure muscle mass.

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