Booster Nitric Oxide

Nitrogen no-boosters are a group of supplements that pump up muscles like arginine.

No-boosters are usually used in pre-workout supplements to maximally stimulate nitric oxide production in the body. The action of nitrogen boosters translates into vasodilation. The dilated veins allow more blood to flow into the working muscle. Boosters give the feeling of filled muscles. Their action increases the intensity of the workout. Every person who trains likes the feeling when their muscles are on the pump. This effect is provided by arginine, AAKG, glycerine, and agmatine, among others.

How do work?

The action of nitrogen boosters increases nitric oxide in the body. This allows the circulatory system to work better. Blood vessels dilate and more blood flows into the muscles. With the blood, the muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients. With more glucose and amino acids available, the body recovers more quickly. More nitric oxide in the body also means lower blood pressure. Mainly AAKG, an arginine with prolonged action, has blood pressure-lowering properties. This is very beneficial for our bodies. Arginine also allows for greater production of growth hormone. The amino acid stimulates growth hormone and IGF-1. So it can be written that nitrogen boosters will also support the growth of muscle mass. This is not just a better pump, but a real effect.

To whom do we recommend no-boosters?

Nitric oxide boosters are substances that are recommended to every person who trains. Their action is fully safe. Even people with hypertension problems can benefit from AAKG-based supplements. Dietary supplements providing the so-called ‘pumpers’, do not raise blood pressure and do not cause arousal. Even intermediate people can benefit from substances such as AAKG.

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