Prohormones – effects and safety of supplementation

Prohormones are anabolic products, they are aimed at advanced individuals. They allow you to break through the natural physical barrier and build much more muscle mass.  These agents act like steroids. This is an alternative to classic doping agents, which are used in the form of injections.

What are prohormones?

They belong to the agents with a strong anabolic effect. This means that prohormones can provide similar active compounds as SAA drugs. Thus, they are not classic dietary supplements. Their action is very strong and gives very strong gains. Many times prohormones are comparable in action to steroids and there is nothing unusual about this. Their potency allows them to compete with pharmacological substances.

How do prohormones work?

Prohormones are agents that are precursors of hormones in our body. This means that their use gives us the opportunity to increase, for example, the amount of testosterone in the body.  Depending on which active substance we use, they have a similar effect to steroids. For a prohormone to work, it must be properly metabolized in our body. Your body while metabolizing the active substance allows it to work effectively. So it’s worth ensuring that your liver has extra support in the form of protective supplementation during a cycle.

SARM supplements vs. prohormones

SARM selective androgen receptor modulators are less invasive products. Their action is focused only on selected tissues. SARMs mainly affect muscle and bone metabolism. They cause an increase in muscle mass, as well as a greater accumulation of minerals in the bones. Prohormones, on the other hand, act like steroids. Their action is not selective. This means that the use of prohormones will also affect the work of other systems of our body, among others, the endocrine system. Prohormones are also more potent than SARMs. There is no doubt that strong agents like superdrol have a much stronger anabolic effect than, for example, RAD140. To sum up the paragraph. SARMs are agents that act selectively on tissues but are weaker anabolically. Prohormones affect the work of the entire body. However, their action is stronger and gives effects comparable to SAAs.

What effects do they produce?

  • Significant gains in dry muscle mass,
  • Rapid gains in strength,
  • An increase in muscular endurance,
  • Getting rid of subcutaneous water retention,
  • The effect of bulking up and muscle pump,
  • The appearance of a dry and firm physique,
  • Support in fat reduction.

Which prohormones to combine?

When building muscle mass, a combination of M-Drol with DMZ, Msten, and Arimistane is often used. This mixture is designed not only to have a strong anabolic effect but also to control other hormones like estradiol and SHGB. Other very potent combinations to Halodrol with M1T and D-Plex. Often blends for mass are supplemented with MK677, which will support a very good appetite and increase growth hormone. Prohormones that work well for reduction are Epistane I Halodrol. Often this mixture is supplemented with Ostarine or Cardarine to maximize the fat-burning effect. As a curiosity, I will add that the use of TUDCA – tauroursodeoxycholic acid not only protects and supports liver function but helps increase the effectiveness of prohormone supplementation. In the US, this is a fairly common practice, even used in improving the metabolism of SAA oral agents.

What side effects do prohormones have?

Young people, whose hormonal balance is not stable, should not benefit from supplementation with agents of this type. The main side effect is a pituitary blockade. We must keep this in mind and perform a proper PCT after the cycle is over. Post-cycle therapy is especially important to trigger natural hormone production. Another important piece of information is supported during the cycle. Methylated agents can put a strain on the liver. It is worthwhile to use Cycle Support products when using prohormones. Their action protects the liver, kidneys, and heart. They will protect the body during the cycle. Of course, it is worth monitoring the levels of all hormones, as well as basic blood parameters, which will give us insight into the health of our body.

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