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Hammer Fury Caps pre-workout with phenibut

The market for dietary supplements, especially pre-workout supplements, is growing all the time. Nowadays we come across hundreds of different pre-workout supplements, the composition of which abounds in stimulants, nootropic substances and pumpers. Most hardcore pre-workouts, however, come in powder form. Hammer Labz once again wants to bring a novelty to the market, and it is the Fury Caps pre-workout. Does the product have a good composition? Will the pre-workout in capsules catch on? Let’s take a closer look at it.

Pre-workout in capsules, is it worth it?

hammer labz pre-workout fury caps capsules

Pre-workout supplements are mainly found in powder form, which is usually dictated by their considerable volume. It is difficult to put 10-15 grams of powder per serving in capsules, which would be highly inconvenient for the user. Therefore, usually companies producing pre-workouts in capsule form use mainly stimulants, as well as nootropic substances. Rarely do we find other additives here, such as BCAA amino acids or no-boosters. This is also the case this time. Hammer Labz Fury Caps is a pre-workout that uses powerful stimulants as well as nootropic substances. We will analyze the detailed composition below.

Fury Caps product composition

pre-workout store with phenibut

The supplement contains 60 capsules, where 1 serving is 2 capsules. In the product you will find:

Caffeine in the amount of 250 mg, which is designed to maintain the alertness of the nervous system. Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors in the brain, which causes the nervous system to maintain increased activity. The second ingredient is phenibut at 300 mg, which is discussed in more detail below. Another ingredient is the stimulant DMHA (150 mg). This is a powerful stimulant that was developed as a replacement for DMAA. You can read more extensively about DMHA in our blog post. Eria Jarensis 100 mg is a plant that provides us with N-phenethyl dimethylamine, a substance that raises norepinephrine levels. Its effects will strongly stimulate and increase exercise capacity.

Dicaffeine Malate 50 mg is a combination of caffeine and malic acid. Caffeine in this form shows better absorption, as well as a longer effect on the nervous system. Thanks to this addition, we do not experience the so-called “descent” when the strong ingredients stop working. Yohimbine HCL 5 mg, which is pure yohimbine hydrochloride with strong stimulant and thermogenic effects. Alpha Yohimbine 4 mg is a form of yohimbine derived from rauwolscine. Its action is characterized by a slightly stronger stimulating effect on the body than its classic version.

As we can see, the composition is quite rich. It contains stimulants with strong stimulant and thermogenic effects. The addition of nootropic ingredients here will balance well the strong stimulation. A pre-workout should strongly stimulate, raise the level of concentration and focus, as well as thermogenesis.

What is phenibut and how does it work?

A very interesting ingredient is phenibut, so we decided to devote a separate paragraph to it. Phenibut belongs to the group of nootropic substances that exhibit anti-anxiety and sedative effects. Many people will probably ask, why do I need a sedative before training? We already explain. Phenibut doesn’t typically work as a sedative, but it helps counteract irritability. This means that our focus, alertness and concentration strongly increase. What’s more, phenibut boosts self-confidence. This means that we will be more driven to overcome our limitations and barriers during exercise.

Phenibut is a very good supplement that raises the level of motivation during training. Its effect will also balance the strong stimulation of the nervous system. This means that a mixture of strong stimulants should not affect our focus and lack of concentration. Using the action of a typical nootropic here proves to be a very good move.

Is it possible to use yohimbine for mass?

Many times we have also encountered concerns from people on weight that the use of yohimbine supplementation will hinder muscle building. We must remember that whether you build muscle or reduce fat depends solely on the caloric balance of your diet. This means that yohimbine in pre-workout form will not have the effect of inhibiting anabolism or lesser gains. Currently, quite a significant number of pre-workouts on the market use yohimbine as a stimulant and metabolism booster. Hammer Labz Fury Caps can be successfully used during the mass period.

The supplement, due to its composition, is quite a versatile product. It will work well not only as a typical nootropic pre-workout. The effects of Fury Caps can also be used during fat reduction. Smaller doses, on the order of 1 capsule per serving, can also work well as a nootropic supplement during mental work or study.

Is it worth getting interested in Fury Caps?

Hammer Labz is a company that is currently releasing quite a few solid products. We have already been in contact with several of their items and all of them have always worked positively. Fury Caps pre-workout is a good option for people who for some reason prefer capsule supplements. If you are mainly interested in stimulant and nootropic ingredients, and your goal is to perform an intense workout, this type of solution should meet your expectations.

Where to buy Fury Caps with phenibut?

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