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Pre-workout supplements – supplements that support your workout.

Pre-workout supplements are dietary supplements to be used before a workout, as these products are designed to work during a workout. It is currently one of the most popular forms of supplementation. Products are used in a variety of forms. Powdered products are the best known, but so-called shots are also strongly popular. The more potent pre-workout supplements, for the most part, are products in powder form to be dissolved. It is very rare nowadays to find pre-workout products in capsule form.

What are they?

They are supplements with a rich composition. Their action combines several ingredients that affect the body. The composition is usually composed in such a way that it complements the individual ingredients. The action of pre-workouts is to release the extra energy we consume during training. Simply put, the supplement is designed to increase the intensity of training. Many times you will come across opinions that a very good pre-workout allows you to perform a more effective workout. The better workout you do, the greater the anabolic response of your muscles will be. Preworkout is a very good way to give your muscles a stronger stimulus to grow.

What do they have in their composition?

Pre-workouts work on several levels. The most well-known are: pumping action – so-called no-boosters – dilate the blood vessels and give the feeling of a bigger pump. The composition usually includes arginine, AAKG, and l-citrulline. stimulating effect – stimulation is usually based on caffeine. strength and endurance enhancement: beta-alanine and creatine are used to improve muscle performance. nootropic effect – provided by adaptogens.

Pre-workout supplements, which ones to choose?

Pre-workouts are divided into stimulating ones and those designed to pump up the muscles. The differences in action are mainly linked to the ingredients found in the products. Pump pre-workouts are designed to increase blood flow to the muscles. They do not have caffeine. They do, however, have added adaptogens or nootropics. However, we will not experience a strong stimulating effect here. We should expect a significant muscle pump, improved endurance, and increased focus and motivation. Stimulant pre-workouts. Although their action focuses on stimulation, they are not completely devoid of pumping ingredients. Stimulant pre-workouts turn up the nervous system considerably. We feel a significant surge of energy and a better mood. Training increases significantly in intensity, allowing us to increase the weights. If you only care about muscle pumps, aim for typical no-boosters. If you like a strong boost, then stimulant pre-workouts are a good choice.

Are pre-workout supplements safe?

Pre-workout supplements are complex products. There are many ingredients that build up the supplement. This means that there is a risk of something in the formulation not working for us, where our body will react negatively to the effects. It is worth using a pre-workout supplement in small amounts, which will give us the opportunity to test how it works. People with blood pressure problems should choose pre-workout supplements without stimulants. Those sensitive to stimulants can aim for caffeine-based pre-workout supplements but in moderate amounts. On the other hand, if you are a healthy person with no heart, blood pressure, or circulatory problems, a pre-workout will not harm you.

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