Johimbine – thermogenic effects

Johimbine belongs to stimulants and is usually available in fat burners, as well as thermogenics in capsule form. Its action is to stimulate heat in the body. This action contributes to stimulating the body to reduce fat more readily. Many people use yohimbine to lose weight faster. It also helps to achieve very low fat levels. It affects specific receptors responsible for neurotransmitter action. This action stimulates and boosts energy during workouts.

Johimbine weight loss effects

Yohimbine-based supplements are effective for weight loss, Their action focuses on several areas:
  • increases thermogenesis – the sensation of heat,
  • has a lipolytic effect – breaks down fat,
  • inhibits appetite,
  • stimulates,
  • increases the intensity of training,
  • allows for greater energy expenditure.

Is yohimbine safe?

In many countries yohimbine is registered in the drug base. Its effects are so effective that pharmaceutical companies have become interested in it. Yohimbine is an aphrodisiac that supports sexual performance in small doses. Potency preparations contain about 1-2 mg of yohimbine. As a result, many people have doubts about whether yohimbine is safe. While yohimbine is safe, it is not without side effects. First of all, everything depends on the dose of the substance.

Side effects of yohimbine:

  • increase in blood pressure,
  • nausea,
  • excessive sweating,
  • distraction,
  • nervousness.
However, it should be noted that the dosage of yohimbine as intended. Adjusting the dose to the sensations, it is completely safe. If you have no medical contraindications, then yohimbine is safe for you.

What to combine yohimbine with?

Yohimbine can be successfully combined with other products. Its effects are perfectly complementary with caffeine and tyrosine, among others. Mixing different substances increases the effects of weight loss. Caffeine is also a thermogenic and stimulates the nervous system. L-tyrosine has a nootropic effect, but intensifies fat burning and helps control appetite. L-tyrosine is also very important for thyroid function. Yohimbine can be found in pre-workouts. Its action is designed to stimulate a harder workout. Yohimbine is combined with pumping substances.

How to dose yohimbine?

It is suggested that the dose of yohimbine should be about 0.2 mg per 1 kg of body weight.  This means that the maximum dose for a person weighing 100 kg is 20 mg. Dietary supplements usually contain 2.5 mg of yohimbine hcl per capsule. This is the amount that allows us to adjust the dose optimally without side effects. The best time to use yohimbine is in the morning on an empty stomach before cardio. The second period is pre-workout use.

What should be kept in mind when using yohimbine?

Take yohimbine away from a meal. Too large a dose intensifies the side effects. It is worth combining yohimbine with caffeine and tyrosine. The best yohimbine-based supplements in the BosyShock.PRO store
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