Diuretics – characteristics and effects

Diuretics usually include diuretics, that is, drugs designed to lower blood pressure. First of all, their action is to regulate the amount of water in the body. Diuretic are usually used for heart problems, kidney problems or excessive water accumulation.

How do diuretics work?

These products affect kidney function. They stimulate the excretion of electrolytes from the body. This is to equalize the concentration of individual minerals to restore optimal levels in the body. This action allows the body to maintain optimal amounts of sodium or potassium, among others.

What are their uses?

For sick people, diuretics are mainly used for high blood pressure. They are also useful for heart problems. Heart failure, condition after a heart attack – these are just examples of the use of dehydrating drugs. Their effect is to lower sodium levels. The dose of diuretics should be strictly determined by the doctor, which is designed to help treat diseases. In the case of sports supplementation, diuretics are designed to improve the appearance of the figure. Diuretics are mainly used during the reduction period. Diuretics used in figure sports are designed to make muscles look hard. Sometimes going down to a very low level of body fatness does not make the figure look perfect. Muscles are still hidden under a layer of water, as can be seen from some athletes. They allow you to get rid of lingering water and make all the details of the figure as visible as possible.

Diuretics in supplementation

Their action balances the level of fluids in the body. A very well-known natural dehydrating product is nettle extract. Other good ingredients are bearberry, cranberry, juniper berries or the currently very fashionable extract of grains of paradise.

What should I keep in mind when using dehydrating supplements?

Use dehydrating supplements with caution. Too strong a diuretic effect can cause electrolyte disturbances. This means that electrolyte deficiencies can affect the work of our body’s other systems. Potassium disorders can cause erratic heart function. Sodium disorders, on the other hand, can cause abnormal transmission of nerve impulses. Too high a dose of diuretics can impede training.

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