Health – a better quality of life

Man is a complex biomachine. The proper functioning of the body is linked to the work of many systems, organs and tissues. Their synergistic action is quite a challenge.

Diet and health

You are what you eat. Your wellbeing and the functionality of your body will depend on your diet, so it is worth taking care of what you eat. The less you care about the quality of your meals, their variety and their richness in nutrients, the worse your body functions. The body replaces all of its body proteins every 120 days, so it is worth providing good quality amino acids from proteins. When your diet is of poor quality and you are not providing the optimum amount of protein, your body will malfunction. Carbohydrates and fats take care of your mood and energy levels. Healthy fats, are not only a good source of energy, they also make you feel good and your brain work better. Your brain is made up mainly of fat, which is a clue to your diet. Provide good quality fats, as well as omega 3 fatty acids, which will promote better wellbeing and effective working. Good quality carbohydrates sustain the efficiency of the nervous system and muscles. Carbohydrates are the fuel that powers you to train.

Products that support your health

We can divide health-supporting supplements into those that:
  • Protect joints,
  • Digestive enzymes,
  • Antioxidants,
  • Vitamins and minerals,
  • Nootropics for memory,
  • Purifying and protecting the liver,
  • Supporting sexual performance,
  • Counteracting the effects of menopause.

How should we use health-promoting supplements?

First of all, we should be guided by our needs so that supplementation makes sense. This means that we use those products that we lack in our diet. The basis is formed by vitamin and mineral supplements, which provide all the necessary micronutrients. It is important that you provide high quality vitamin D3, K2 and omega 3 fatty acids. Make sure you get the optimum amount of magnesium to soothe your nerves and support your brain.

The best health-supporting supplements in the BodyShock.PRO shop

You can find high-quality health-supporting supplements in the BosyShock.PRO shop
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How not to gain weight on holidays? Use dietary supplements!

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