PCT Post Cycle Therapy

PCT Post Cycle Therapy

The use of prohormones or SARMs sometimes requires a PCT called an unblock. This is an action designed to restore the body’s natural hormone production. When done well, post-cycle therapy allows you to significantly reduce the drops and maintain your well-being. This is particularly important if you are committed to continuous progression.

What is PCT?

Translating the acronym from English, PCT is post-cycle therapy. It is the period that occurs at the end of a cycle with strong anabolics and lasts until natural hormone production is restored. This means that we need to be prepared to rebound already as we approach the end of the cycle. If we look at PCT in terms of agents, we are using a mixture of drugs and nutritional supplements here.

What is the purpose of post-cycle therapy?

  • To regulate the endocrine system,
  • Maintaining the effects of the cycle,
  • Reducing drops,
  • Maintaining a high libido,
  • Maintaining full sexual performance,
  • Maintaining well-being,
  • Preventing the occurrence of gynecomastia.

How to perform testosterone reblock effectively?

For a reblock to be effective, it is important to know the hormone levels in the body. It is a good idea to test testosterone, oestradiol, progesterone, and prolactin levels. A key element is the amount of the hormone LH and FSH, which are responsible for stimulating the testes to produce testosterone. Depending on what the test results present, drugs like Clomid and HCG may be necessary. Unblocking requires considerable knowledge of hormones and how the body reacts to particular drugs. Therefore, playing with anabolic substances is reserved for advanced individuals.

Which preparations to choose?

The basic agents are:
  • Testosterone boosters,
  • Aromatase inhibitors e.g. arimistane, 6-Bromo,
  • Cortisol inhibitors,
  • Prolactin-regulating ingredients e.g. l-dopa,
  • Natural anabolic substances e.g. Laxogenin,
  • SHGB blockers.

Of course, usually, Post Cycle Therapy supplements have complex formulations. This means that we do not have to buy several supplements at the same time. A good PCT supplement will work effectively in all of the above areas. A good PCT supplement will allow you to significantly improve the effectiveness of your rebound and maintain the effects of your cycle.

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