Libido & Potency

Libido and potency – what is the desire for sex?

Libido is an issue that relates to the desire for sex. It is influenced by many aspects related to our mood, but also by hormones. Potency is the ability to have sex. Potency not only consists of libido but also the ability to have an erection. Libido and potency often go hand in hand. From the category description, you will learn how to take care of libido, and which supplements to use for potency. We will present ways to increase the drive.

Libido = sex drive?

Libido is interchangeably referred to as sex drive. It is our subjective feeling of wanting to have sex. Libido depends, among other things, on temperament and hormone levels. Not every person will be characterized by a high libido. The desire for sex can depend on many factors.

Libido is influenced by, among other things:

  • the attractiveness of the partner,
  • hormones and their levels,
  • diet,
  • physical activity,
  • sleep and regeneration,
  • the use of medication.

We don’t realize that even problems at work, can affect our sex life. Many men have their urges disturbed by stress. When our head is occupied with problems, we do not think about procreation. Often, therefore, potency problems and libido disorders stem from psychological factors. It is then worth seeking a solution from a sexologist, who will trace the disorders. Sometimes libido disorders are due to problems with a partner, for example.

Libido is there, but there are potency problems.

Another issue is a problem with potency. Sometimes it may be that our libido is at a decent level and the problem lies somewhere else entirely. Potency is an issue that refers to the ability to achieve an erection. An erection is the ability to fill the penis with blood. It is quite common for men to experience erection problems when their health is failing. Disorders occur, for example, in heart and blood pressure problems. Sometimes erectile dysfunction is caused by medication. Potency problems can also be a reflection of lifestyle. Poor diet, stimulants, and lack of adequate physical activity also have a significant impact on potency.

Ways to improve libido

We can improve the desire for sex through dietary changes. Often libido is disturbed when we eat highly processed foods. Libido also depends on the quality of sleep and recovery.  Poor sleep quality will result in reduced libido and erectile dysfunction. It is worth changing your eating habits, which will not only improve your health but also affect your sex drive. Regular exercise translates into a better sense of well-being and confidence. Physical activity is essential to maintain a well-functioning body. People who work out usually have better sex. It is also worth talking to your partner about any problems. A frank relationship greatly reduces stress and supports the effects of diet and training. As a last resort, you may want to consider additional medications that support potency such as sildenafil.

Which dietary supplements for libido and potency?

So-called potency pills are a popular type of supplement to support erection. These products are designed to facilitate the transport of blood to the penis. Quite often these are substances from the no-booster group. Potency products will make it much easier for the small blood vessels to dilate and fill the penis with blood. The best supplements are a combination of plant extracts and amino acids like arginine and citrulline. However, we must remember that erections also depend on good stimulation by the partner. When our partner does not feel like having sex, it is difficult to expect our libido to function fully here as well.

Are potency supplements safe?

Potency supplements are completely healthy and safe. The products are designed to increase the amount of nitric oxide in the body. Similar dietary supplements are used by athletes before training to increase the muscle pump effect. Supplements for libido are usually based on plant extracts, which are considered natural aphrodisiacs. These are plants that have been present in natural medicine for centuries and have nothing to do with drugs. Moreover, the action of these types of products improves exercise capacity and enhances well-being. They are considered adaptogens. Other ingredients include citrulline, arginine, and AAKG.

You can find the best supplements for libido and potency at BodyShock.PRO


What should be kept in mind when supporting libido and potency?

  • Libido is the subjective sensation of wanting sex.
  • Erectile dysfunction can be treated with supplements.
  • Lifestyle has a significant impact on sexual desire.
  • Control your hormones.
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