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The Shock Zone – the strongest supplements

Shock zone supplements category contains the strongest products on the market, whose action leaves no doubt. The supplements in the shock zone are heavily selected and are not here by chance. We have selected only the proven and strongest brands so that you will be fully satisfied with your supplementation. Above all, if uncompromising performance counts for you, this is the category for you. You will find here:


The best unblock supplements to help you restore your hormonal balance. Post Cycle Therapy is a necessary action we should perform after a cycle to enjoy a healthy recovery. PCT supplements are particularly recommended for those using prohormones and SARMs. PCTs are also sometimes used as testosterone boosters and aromatase inhibitors. The shock zone contains the best PCTs and testosterone boosters.

Cycle Support

First and foremost, Cycle Support will support your cycle. Their main action is to reduce side effects such as liver stress. These supplements improve liver, kidney and also cardiovascular function. They are worth adding to methylated agents.

Hardcore pre-workout supplements

A category of pre-workout supplements with a hell of a lot of power. Their powerful composition is for the real players. Here you will find products loaded with geramine DMAA, DMHA, AMP and other powerful stimulants. If you like to give 110% to your workout then this is the category for you.

Powerful burners

The strongest thermogenics on the market to tackle lingering fat. Powerful burners contain stimulants like yohimbine. Want to get extremely low fat? Be sure to take a look at our products.


The no-boosters category provides the best proven boosters. Their action is designed to maximally dilate the blood vessels, resulting in a significant increase in the pump.

You can find Shock Zone supplements in the BodyShock.PRO shop

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