BETA ALANINE – belongs to the amino acids with exercise-enhancing effects. Its main action is to stimulate carnosine levels. It is a powerful antioxidant with many interesting properties. Is particularly important for athletes training for endurance. Furthermore, it allows us to train for longer, which translates into improved training capabilities. Beta-alanine also takes part in the Krebs cycle. It improves the ability to neutralise ammonia and allows faster transport of hydrogen ions. This translates into faster muscle recovery between series and readiness for the muscles to undertake efforts. Beta-alanine acts synergistically with creatine. It is worth combining both supplements on one cycle. 

Beta-alanine needs a little more time to take full effect. According to research, the supplement kicks in after about 3-4 weeks of use. This means that we need to plan our progression in such a way that we start intensive training around 3 weeks after starting supplementation. Blends well with other peri-workout supplements. It owes its effect primarily to the aforementioned carnosine. As with creatine and atp, carnosine also accumulates in the body. This action significantly reduces the time needed for muscle regeneration during exercise. An interesting side effect of alanine is paresthesias. This is a harmless, gentle pinching of the skin that some people find stimulating during activity. However, this is not related to the stimulating effect on the nervous system.

Beta-alanine is mainly used as a monopreparation. You will find both powder and capsule versions. You will also find flavoured versions on the supplement market.

Dosage: 6000 mg per day.

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