BETA ECDYSTERONE – (also known as beta-ecdysone) is a steroid molecule belonging to the group of ecdysteroids, which performs an important physiological function in both insects (zooecdysteroids) and plants (phytoecdysteroids). Ecdysterone helps regulate blood sugar levels and also improves the liver’s ability to process nutrients. A positive effect on the neurological system and immune function has also been observed. BETA ECDYSTERONE has an effect on muscle protein anabolism and blocks catabolic processes. In sports supplementation, it is used as a replacement for prohormones or supplements from the SARM group. It can be especially helpful during the period of intense workouts. It supports both the increase in lean body mass. Moreover improvement of exercise capacity (by liking strength and endurance) require additional support.

Dosage: from 100 mg to 450 mg.