AMYLASE – is a type of enzymes produced mainly before the pancreas and salivary glands, the action of which is aimed at breaking down starch into simpler forms of sugars. Amylases initiate digestion already in the mouth when we consume carbohydrate products. In sports supplementation, they are sometimes added as an element of protein supplementation to help digest carbohydrate parts, including lactose. However, more often we will meet the addition of lactase, an enzyme typically responsible for the digestion of disaccharide. Therefore, the most common form is supplementation with digestive enzymes, which is aimed at improving digestion in our body. They are often used, for example, by bodybuilders during the mass season. Blood tests assess amylase activity to assess, for example, the condition of the pancreas. Problems with the pancreas usually cause elevated levels of enzymes in the blood.

Dosage: 100-150 mg per day.