AMYLOPECTIN – this is a specific type of complex carbohydrates that have a number of interesting properties, are quickly digestible and have a high glycemic index. Amylopectin does not dissolve in cold water, but swells. At a temperature of about 50 degrees, the so-called grueling, i.e. partial dissolution, begins to occur. This type of carbohydrate builds the vitargo formula. A carbohydrate supplement that is designed to quickly deliver carbohydrates to our muscles. People using vitargo pay attention to the fact that it does not remain on the stomach. It absorbs faster and works more efficiently. This is important in endurance sports, where we care about the rapid rate of absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream and replenishment of glycogen stores. In sports supplementation, they are usually used as a monopreparation, sometimes they are an addition in protein-carbohydrate nutrients.

Dosage: 50-80 g per serving.