3,17 KETO-ETIOCHOL-TRIENE – also known as ATD, is a substance from the group of aromatase inhibitors. It has a strong effect blocking the transformation of testosterone into estradiol. This substance naturally occurs m.in in clover and alfalfa. 3,17 Keto-Etiochol-Triene is also called a testosterone booster. Its action will increase the amount of testosterone in the body. Due to the fact that a significant part of it will not be converted to estrogens. Using 3,17 Keto-Etiochol-Triene, we can therefore feel all the benefits associated with the increase in testosterone levels in the body. This will translate into much better training results. In supplementation, the substance is mainly used as an additive to cycles using prohormones or SAA to maintain optimal estrogen levels. Low estrogen levels are mainly used during the period of strong fat reduction to maximally add detail to the figure. ATD is also used as part of PCT therapy.

Dosage: 25-50 mg per day, usually before bedtime.