1,3N-DIPROPYL-7-PROPARGYLXANTHINE – a substance that belongs to caffeine analogues, has an effect similar to caffeine, affecting the activity of adenosine. Thanks to the blocking effect of adenosine receptors, it maintains the activity of the nervous system, which allows for longer physical activity. 1,3N-dipropyl-7-propargylxanthine has an effect that increases muscle endurance, which translates into increased training effectiveness. Like caffeine, it can have an erogenous, thermogenic effect, intensifies the use of fat stores in the body. In scientific research, the substance also has a well-being effect, which in turn affects the undertaking of spontaneous training activity. Writing directly, the substance encourages us to be active. The substance is widely used in pre-workout supplements. Also fat burners due to its properties accelerating the oxidation of free fatty acids.

Dosage: 100-150 mg before physical activity or during the day.