3′,5,7-TRIHYDROXY-4′-METHOXYFLAVONE – is a substance that naturally raises the level of testosterone in the body. It belongs to the group of flavones, which also have the action of an aromatase inhibitor. The mechanism of action is quite simple. Blocking the conversion of testosterone into estradiol causes an increase in testosterone levels. The body can use more free testosterone for the needs of, for example, building muscle mass.

In sports supplementation, 3′,5,7-TRIHYDROXY-4′-METHOXYFLAVONE is used as an anabolic additive. Is designed to increase the body’s exercise capacity and contribute to the growth of muscle mass. In addition, it has a positive effect on lowering cholesterol levels and the digestive system. It is also believed to have a beneficial effect on the health of bones, joints and cartilage, as well as positively affect the condition of the heart and the way it functions. As a result of the stimulating effect on the thyroid gland, it can facilitate processes related to the reduction of body fat.

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