1,3 DIMETHYLAMYLAMINE – also called DMAA or geramine, is a potent substance with psychoactive effects that causes a significant release of neurotransmitters. Geramine is used mainly as an element of strong pre-workouts, fat burners, and even as a monopreparation, which is the basis of many supplementation mixtures. The substance very strongly stimulates, causes a very sharp increase in energy, which persists for a long time. DMAA also has a strong nootropic effect. It increases cognitive capabilities, makes thought processes improve. Too much geramine can do the opposite, irritating and cause problems with concentration. Noteworthy is its strong thermogenic effect. Geramine effectively raises body temperature and can be successfully used during weight loss. What’s more, it suppresses appetite, reduces appetite, allows us to stick to dietary assumptions.

Geramine is among the substances that are readily used in powerful per-workout supplements. Users of geramine point out its strong stimulating effect, which allows to perform a very strong workout.

Dosage: 30-50 mg before training.