FLUORIDE – is an element that can be present in food in trace amounts (eg in liver, soy and fish). The primary sources in the diet are beverages such as water and tea. In the human body, you will find it in teeth and bones. It has been shown that there is a relationship between the presence of fluor and the resistance of teeth to organic acids found in food. Element determines their susceptibility to caries. As well as the ability to rebuild bone tissue and the density of bone mass formed from it.

Lack of fluorine can be recognized by the increased tendency to tooth decay.As well as the degeneration of bone structure. Fluoride is found in water, soil and some foods. A condition called fluorosis is caused by an excessive amount of fluoride and can be identified by its symptoms, which include destruction of tooth enamel and disturbances in bone structure. Herbal extracts, especially those from green tea, have been shown to contain fluoride.

Dosage: 2-4 mg per day.