D-RIBOSE – is a simple sugar containing aldehyde (aldopentosis) required for the biosynthesis of many basic nucleotides (m.in. ATP, GTP, UTP, CTP). Essential for life chemical compounds such as coenzymes and fatty acids. Its availability is critical for the success of metabolic activities, which is why supplementation is important peri-workout.

Incorporating ribose into nutrients is a good idea because of its role in energy production. This sugar is the basis in strength and endurance training. D-RIBOSE is a monosaccharide that does not increase the risk of fat storage in the body like some other sugars. In sports supplementation, it is used due to the effect supporting the action of creatine.D-ribose is sold both alone and in combination with creatine as dietary supplements.

Dosage: 2000-5000 mg per day.