D-PINITOL – also known as (3-0-methyl-D-ped-inositol), is a close relative of inositol, which can be found in foods such as beans and nuts. It is categorized as an insulinomimetic. This refers to compounds that mimic or enhance the effects of insulin. Insulin, in turn, is a key anabolic hormone involved in many cellular processes, including glucose metabolism. Maintaining high insulin sensitivity has a good effect on the development of muscle mass and strength. D-pinitol allows for maximum use of glucose by muscles, which in turn allows them to work more effectively. It inhibits the formation of new fat cells and can indirectly accelerate the breakdown of existing ones. Some creatine stacks, peri-workout supplements and others contain D-pinitol, which is designed to enhance the effect of the stack.

Dosage: 1000 mg per day.