Crack DMAA pre-workout and Redline X fat burner – the great return

fat burner and pre-workout

Pre-workout Crack DMAA and fat burner Redline X

Old veterans of hardcore supplementation certainly associate these two positions well. Crack once dominated the market of the strongest pre-workouts with DMAA. His action was completely different. He was able to bring the body to a higher level of arousal, which spread us during training. It was once the best option for a pre-workout on the market. Fat burner Redline X, in turn, was known for its very strong slimming effect. Strong thermogenesis, very good stimulation, and most importantly burned fat until nice.

Let’s analyze the resurrected legends and answer the question, is it worth taking an interest in them?

Pre-workout Phoenix Labs Crack DMAA

Pre-workout for athletes with DMAA

Pre-workout Crack once introduced considerable confusion on the supplementation market. People who had the opportunity to test its first version quickly found out that the next stage on the market of stimulants has come. The product was so strong that many people consumed half a serving. The whole portion was strong enough that the training could last forever. I remember myself holding a can of Crack pre-workout, I felt great respect for it and at the start I threw only 1/3 of the portion.

How is it now? Let’s take a look at the individual components in the pre-workout lineup:

One serving of Crack is 10 grams of active substances. The manufacturer does not provide us with individual quantities of substances, so we can only assess the validity of the selected ingredients.

VasoPump Blend

The pumping mixture is made of AAKG, an esterified form of arginine, agmatine and ornithine. The connection is quite well thought out and works as a base for obtaining a very good pump. Two forms of arginine are supplemented with ornithine, which is an inhibitor of the arginase enzyme, i.e. it inhibits its breakdown in the body. This results in much better performance of pumpers. Agmatine itself is already a very good ingredient in action, so we get a complete pumping set.

Methampheta-Stim Matrix

The stimulant mixture contains tyrosine, methylxanthine, guarana extract, DMAA, DMHA. The mixture of stimulant ingredients provides us with a high level of arousal. Using the Crack pre-workout, we have the impression that we have gone back in time and we feel the effects of good old pre-workouts based on a solid dose of garamine. The strong effect of DMAA has been supplemented additionally with DMHA. We have already written about what DMHA is and how it works on the blog here. We did not have such a combination in the first version, but the manufacturer made sure that the pre-workout was really strong and broke through again on the market of pre-workout boosters.

Enduramax Blend

A mixture that strengthens muscles, increasing their endurance. Here we have a combination of beta-alanine, taurine, glucuronolactone. These are standard ingredients that take care of the metabolism of nutrients, as well as affect the delay in the appearance of lactic acid. Their action allows for longer muscle work, which in turn will increase the intensity of effort. Such an addition to strong stimulants is even obligatory, if we want to achieve a good synergy effect.

Electroplenish Blend

The addition of electrolytes will take care of your hydration and proper muscle function. Strong stimulation has the characteristic that it significantly increases the demand of the nervous system for electrolytes. This is another good move, as we care about the good operation of the pre-workout.

Rapid Absorption technology

Additives facilitating the absorption of active compounds. B-Hydroxytricarballylic acid and Effersoda are designed to improve the solubility of the supplement and thus improve its absorption.

Does the Crack pre-workout work like the first version?

The first versions of the Crack pre-workout made a big fuss on the supplementation market. Its operation effectively left the competition behind, which made the pre-workout very loud. The current Crack works very similarly! Our editorial team has already had the opportunity to test the supplement and we can say with full responsibility that the product has a good chance to defend itself on the market once again. A mixture of DMAA and DMHA is a very good idea here. Clearly feel in the action of DMAA, specific excitation, a sudden increase in energy and thermogenesis. We evaluate the pre-workout very positively and encourage you to test.

Fat burner Phoenix Redline X

supplements and nutrients, fat burners

The second product that Phoenix resurrects is the Redline X fat burner. The famous fat burner with a very strong slimming effect made a great sensation on the supplementation market. On popular Internet forums almost every day there were questions about the operation of Redline X. Many experts recommended it because of its very powerful action. Wanted a fat burner that works? You bought Redline X and after the problem.

The fat burner was not only characterized by a strong thermogenic effect, but also perfectly stimulated. What does its current composition look like?

The manufacturer declares that this is an even stronger version than its predecessor, which contains a solid dose of DMAA, thanks to which it stimulates even more. In a portion of 2 capsules we find the following active mixtures:

Fat Catabolizer Blend – 275 mg

A mixture that accelerates the breakdown of body fat. It was armed with anhydrous caffeine in the amount of 200 mg; 1,3,N-Dipropyl-7Proparglyxanthine; Guggul Extract; 3-5-Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate; Uridine-5-Monophosphate; Toothed Clubmoss and DMAA geramine. As we can see, the fat burner contains quite mysterious ingredients, however, they are commonly used in fat reducing products. The mixture of active ingredients not only has a strong thermogenic effect, but also due to the content of DMAA will strongly stimulate. It is perfect as a pre-workout. What’s more, the addition of extract containing huperzine provides a nootropic effect.

Euphoric Blend – 350 mg

A mixture that improves mood and mood. Anyone who has reduced knows that feeling terrible on reduction can be terrible. Therefore, such a mixture can make our lives much easier. The ingredients it contains are: R-beta-Methylphenylethylamine HCL; N-Methyl-beta-Phenylethylamine. These are components that have a significant impact on the level of neurotransmitters in the body. Their action will affect the increase of serotonin and dopamine. They are mainly responsible for how we feel.

Tri-Yohimbine Blend – 6 mg

A mixture of three forms of yohimbine. Here we have a combination of yohimbine HCL, 11-Hydroxa Yohimbine and Alpha yohimbine. A good fat burner now obligatorily contains yohimbine. Its action allows us to go down very low with the level of body fat, which in turn allows us to get a life form when it comes to the level of body fat. Three forms of yohimbine in one fat burner is a rare phenomenon. Here you have to strongly praise the manufacturer for such a move, because the thermogenic and stimulating effect of such a mixture will allow you to get a really great effect. Yohimbine used before training significantly increases its intensity and will increase energy expenditure. Combining it with DMAA is a very advanced blend in fat burners, which is suitable for advanced people.

Thermogenic Blend – 100 mg

The thermogenic mixture consists of hordenine hcl, synephrine, octopamine, olive leaf extract. These are the same powerful products that we often see in fat burners. Their action focuses on the intensification of thermogenesis and lipolysis. The ingredients facilitate the acquisition of energy from the accumulated adipose tissue for the energy needed. What’s more, olive leaf extract contains hydroxytyrosol – a substance that cares for the insulin sensitivity of tissues.

Thermogenic Blend – 250 mcg

The second thermogenic formula acts on the work of the thyroid gland. 3,5-Diiodo-L-Thyronine and 3,3-Diiodo-L-Thyronine maintain the body’s metabolic activity. These additives affect the ability of your body to spend energy. Many people during weight loss indicate a slowdown in metabolism. It is therefore good that the fat burner contains additional ingredients that maintain the rate of energy conversion.

Is it worth buying a Redline X fat burner?

The Phoenix Redline X fat burner works very strongly. Undoubtedly, the burner will be number one when it comes to the degree of arousal. The DMAA content combined with the three forms of yohimbine does a really good job. If you are looking for a fat burner that you can use before training, Redline X is created for you. The product strongly stimulates, gives very strong thermogenesis. We recommend using 1 capsule to start with to see how your body reacts to such an explosive mix.

Where can we buy the Redline X fat burner and Crack DMAA?

You can buy the products described in the article in the BodyShock.PRO store