Apollon Furiosa – pre-workout in capsules

apollon nutrition przedtreningówka furiosa

Apollon Furiosa — pre-workout in capsules

Apollon Nutrition enters the market with another pre-workout. This time a strong distinction is the fact that it is contained in capsules. The supplementation market has overslept a bit when it comes to typical pre-workout supplements that we can buy in capsules, will Apollon force other manufacturers to expand their offer? Time will tell.

Moving on to the specifics, we will look at the composition of the Furiosa pre-workout.

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Furiosa — composition of the pre-workout

1 portion of pre-workout is 5 capsules. In each serving we will find:

CELLFLO6® – 900 mg — a patented ingredient that is designed to significantly increase the muscle pump. CELLFLO6® is used from advanced pre-workouts as a replacement for arginine and citrulline malate. The formula consists of active compounds that are found in green tea.

ALPHA GPC 50% – 800 mg — a component derived from choline, which affects the nervous system and brain. It is a compound that supports brain health and speeds up thought processes. It will maintain the activity of the nervous system during exercise.

ANHYDROUS CAFFEINE – 350 mg — a popular ingredient used in many dietary supplements and energy drinks, known for its stimulating effect. Anhydrous caffeine can help improve concentration and increase energy levels. Its operation allows for more effective use of the product’s ingredients.

ENXTRA® – 300 mg — a mixture of plant components that affects the functioning of the nervous system. ENXTRA® can help improve concentration, reduce fatigue and strengthen the immune system. It is also a strong no-booster, so it will intensify the effect of the muscle pump.

ELEVATP® – 150 mg — component obtained from plants, which affects the production of energy in the body. ELEVATP® can help increase physical performance, improve the body’s regenerative abilities after training and increase endurance. Its action will resemble that of creatine. Accelerates the conversion of energy to ATP.

Nootropic and stimulants

ZUMXR® – 139 mg – a caffeine-containing ingredient in a specially patented form of microcapsules. It affects the improvement of cognitive processes. ZUMXR® can help increase concentration, improve memory and reduce fatigue. A specially developed caffeine formula maintains high energy levels for a longer period of time.

ASTRAGIN® – 50 mg — a mixture of plant components, which affects the absorption of nutrients in an organism. It can help increase the effectiveness of other ingredients of the supplement, improve digestion and strengthen the immune system.

VINEPOCETINE – 20 mg — a component affecting blood flow in the brain and improving cognitive functions. It can help improve memory and increase concentration.

ALPHA YOHIMBINE – 2 mg — component which affects the circulatory system and metabolism. The current alpha yohimbine is quite commonly used as a stimulant supplement, raising energy levels, as well as showing a positive effect on cognitive functions.

HUPERZINE A – 200 mcg — a component affecting the functioning of the nervous system, by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme cholinesterase. HUPERZINE A may help improve cognitive function and increase concentration.

Is the composition of the Furios pre-workout good?

The Apollon Furiosa pre-workout was based on modern ingredients. We will not find here the addition of arginine or citrulline. The mechanism of stimulating nitric oxide was based on CELLFLO6® and ENXTRA.® These ingredients work well as nitrogen boosters and successfully give a good muscle pump. In my opinion, CELLFLO6® is a bit like agmatine in action. A very important element is a high dose of alpha gpc, which will maintain the stability of the nervous system. This is very important when we have such strong additives as alpha yohimbine in the supplement. The product will have a strong stimulant, nootropic effect, but at the same time we will not feel overstimulated.

In my opinion, the product is composed very well. In the composition we will not find unnecessary additives that are supposed to look nice on the list.

Pre-workout in capsules versus powder

An interesting solution is the pre-workout option, which this time is in an encapsulated form. Is it a better option than powder? Certainly a bit more comfortable. Apollon Furios can be easily thrown into a pill box. We do not have to take a whole can of pre-workout supplement in a training bag. Just put 5 capsules in your pocket and you can move ahead. It is also much easier to choose a dose for yourself. Dividing the active ingredients into 5, we will get information on how many individual components there are in one capsule. Dosage can start, for example, with 3 capsules and measure feelings, increase up to 7-8 per serving.

Why is it worth using pre-workout nutrients?

Summing up the Apollon Nutrition product, I think that we can successfully be interested in this position. Pre-workout supplements are designed to increase the body’s abilities, provide us with energy and improve muscle work. There is no doubt that the modern supplements used will translate into better training results. The Furiosa pre-workout has been designed in such a way as to raise the muscle pump, which translates into better motivation for training.

People who like strong arousal and nootropic effect will also not be disappointed. The combination of alpha yohimbine with vinpocetine and huperzine provides us with very strong stimulation, focus and concentration. Pre-workout will work both during intense workouts on the mass, and will allow for better muscle work during reduction.

Where to buy Apollon Furiosa?

You can buy Apollon Nutrition supplements from official distributors like BodyShock.PRO

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