DANDELION EXTRACT – otherwise Taraxum officinale extract. It contains components such as sesquiterpene lactones, phytosterols (stigmasterol), carotenoids, triterpenes, pectins. We also find resins, gums, choline, flavonoids, coumarins and phenolic acids (including dicloquinic acid and caffeic acid). It has diuretic, choleretic properties, has a relaxing effect on smooth muscles, improves glucose tolerance, has a protective effect on the liver. In addition, it supports the body in eliminating harmful impurities and increases the ability of the digestive system to work.Dandelion extracts are used during fat reduction to get rid of excess water. It is also used by women during menstruation. Prevents excessive swelling of the limbs. Dandelion EXTRACT is found in weight reduction supplements. It is also an additive to burners and diuretics. Additional supplementation with basic electrolytes is recommended if such drugs are used for a long time.

Dosage: 1000 mg per day.