COFFE BEAN EXTRACT (50% POLYPHENOLS) – coffee bean extract, which has been standardized to the content of 50% polyphenols. Coffee bean extract is a source of bioactive chemical compounds known as polyphenols. Coffee seeds contain polyphenols that have properties similar to those of green tea and grape seeds. These polyphenols can reduce the effect of reactive oxygen species, increase lipolysis and reduce lipogenesis (the formation of fat cells). As a result, they have found wide application in weight reduction programs.

Chlorogenic acid is the basic ingredient in coffee seed extract. In addition to antioxidant activity, chlorogenic acid affects the absorption of glucose from the gastrointestinal tract (according to some studies, it reduces absorption by about 6 to 7% and clearly affects the weight loss process). COFFE BEAN EXTRACT can have a significant effect, especially when combined with caffeine and other chemical compounds that affect the process of lowering body fat, and this effect can be seen as an improvement in body composition. Caffeine is one such substance.

Dosage: 200 mg per day.