MUKUL BALSAM EXTRACT – contains 2.5% guggulsterones, it is an extract obtained from resin, which is taken from the Commiphora mukul tree. This tree is the source of a chemical compound known as guggulsterones. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine has been using resin for more than three millennia. Known as a remedy to combat overweight and obesity. Increases the metabolic rate. In addition to these two benefits, it can also have a beneficial effect on the lipid profile of the blood. In the world of sports dietetics, Commiphora extract is used as an element of support for metabolism. Both during fat loss and in the process of body recomposition. The ingredient has a potential effect to limit the deposition of fat in the body. MUKUL BALSAM EXTRACT is a component of many different thermogenics. It is used along with caffeine, green tea, synephrine and black pepper extracts.

Dosage: 600-1200 mg of extract per day.