6,7-DIHYDROXYBERGAMOTTIN is a substance also known as DHB or bergamotine. It is a compound that occurs naturally m.in in bergamot or grapefruit, which has properties that support the absorption of other active compounds. The substance is quite widely used in sports supplementation. As an ingredient that is designed to increase the absorption of other compounds of active products, and thus contribute to the increase in the effectiveness of supplementation. Bergamotine is used, m.in, in nitrogen oxygen boosters, testosterone boosters, burners, amino acid mixtures or pre-workouts. Its action consists in blocking enzymatic activity, mainly the P-450 enzyme. Which hinders the absorption of active compounds contained in dietary supplements. This type of action may also require to reduce the dose of active substances. That the body will simply make better use of.

Dosage: 25 mg per serving of the dietary supplement.