WPI whey protein isolate is a form of whey protein that has been further processed to remove most of the fat and lactose. As a result, whey protein isolate has a higher concentration of pure protein compared to WPC (concentrate) – typically over 90% per serving.

How does WPI work?

Like WPC and WPH, WPI provides the body with essential amino acids that promote muscle recovery and growth. Thanks to its higher protein concentration and low fat and lactose content, whey isolate is easily digested. It may be a better choice for those with lactose intolerance or those trying to limit fat intake.

Importance of WPI for athletes

Whey isolate, due to its high protein concentration and low fat and lactose content. Is an ideal choice for athletes who want to maximize protein intake while controlling fat and carbohydrate intake. This is especially important for athletes participating in sports that require maintaining low body fat levels, such as bodybuilding.

Dosage: according to dietary deficiencies.