VANADYL SULPHATE is a dietary supplement that has gained popularity among people seeking support in regulating blood sugar levels. Especially in the context of insulin resistance and diabetes.

What is vanadyl sulfate?

Vanadyl sulfate is an inorganic chemical compound containing vanadium (V), a trace element that occurs in small amounts in living organisms. Although vanadium is rarely found in the human diet, it is attributed with certain biological properties that can affect health, especially in the context of blood glucose regulation.

Properties and uses of vanadyl sulfate

Regulation of blood sugar levels. The main use of vanadyl sulfate as a dietary supplement is to help regulate blood sugar levels. Scientific studies have shown that vanadium can mimic the action of insulin. It leads to increased sensitivity of cells to this hormone and better utilization of glucose by the body.

Effects on muscle mass. Some studies suggest that vanadium supplementation can affect the development of muscle mass and muscle strength. This may be beneficial for athletes and physically active people. However, scientific evidence on this topic is limited, and the effects of vanadium supplementation in the context of sports require further research.

Dosage: 10 to 50 mg daily.