Siberian ginseng

Siberian ginseng, although named after a popular herb, is not directly related to other ginseng species such as Korean ginseng. It grows wild in areas of Siberia and the Far East of Russia. Its root contains a number of unique compounds, such as eleutherosides, which are prized for their health benefits.

How does Siberian Ginseng work?

The eleutherosides contained in Siberian ginseng exhibit anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-stress effects. Ginseng is also known as an adaptogen – a substance that helps the body cope with stress and increases immunity and endurance.

Effects on Athletes

Ginseng is an extremely valuable supplement for athletes. It can increase stamina and improve physical performance, making it ideal for those with active lifestyles.

Thanks to its adaptogenic properties, ginseng can also help the body cope with the stress of intense training, speed up recovery and help maintain optimal form.

Dosage: 300 to 600 mg daily.