RED PEPPER (2% CAPSAICINOIDS)(FRUIT)(CAPSIMAX) is a red pepper extract containing 2% capsaicinoids. Capsaicinoids are the chemical compounds responsible for the sharpness of chili peppers. Capsimax is a trade name that is a form of red pepper extract, often used in dietary supplements. The main capsaicinoid is capsaicin, which has a number of beneficial health properties. Acceleration of metabolism: Capsaicin can accelerate metabolism by increasing thermogenesis, which leads to burning more calories. In this way, it can support the weight loss process. Appetite control: Research suggests that capsaicin may help control appetite, which translates into lower calorie intake and weight loss.

Capsaicin has an analgesic effect, thanks to its ability to block pain transmitters. It can be used to treat neuropathic pain and muscle and joint pain. It has anti-inflammatory effects, which can be beneficial in the treatment of various inflammatory conditions.

Dosage: 30 to 150 mg per day.