POWDERED COFFEE SEEDS is a product obtained from the seeds of the coffee tree (Coffea), which, after appropriate preparation, are ground into a fine powder. Powdered coffee seeds are an alternative to traditional brewed coffee, allowing for a variety of applications, such as the addition to beverages or dishes.

The main active ingredient of coffee seeds is caffeine, which is a well-known and widely used stimulant. Caffeine can affect physical activity in the following ways:

  • Increasing endurance and reducing the feeling of fatigue – caffeine has a stimulating effect on the nervous system. It can help to increase endurance and delay the onset of fatigue during exercise.
  • Stimulation of metabolism – caffeine can accelerate fat burning. It can contribute to weight loss and improve energy performance during workouts.
  • Increased focus and alertness – Caffeine can help you stay focused and mentally performing, which is important during high-intensity exercise.

Dosage: it is recommended to start with small doses (about 50-100 mg of caffeine). Which corresponds to about 1/2 teaspoon of powder.