POLYDEXTROSE is a complex carbohydrate made up of glucose. It is a polymer, which means that it consists of many glucose molecules connected to each other. Thanks to this composition, it is able to provide the body with energy in a short time. The polymer acts as a fast source of energy for the body. Unlike other carbohydrates, polydextrose is able to quickly pass through the digestive system and reach the bloodstream, providing the body with energy. Thanks to this, it is an effective way to replenish energy reserves during intense exercise. The substance is especially important for athletes who need large amounts of energy in a short time. Thanks to this supplement, the body is able to replenish used energy reserves faster, which allows for longer and more intense training. Polydextrose is especially useful in strength sports, where speed and strength are important.

Dosage: about 10-30 g before and after training.