KOLA PEANUTS are the seeds of the kola tree that grow in tropical regions of Africa. They are known for their stimulating effect and increasing endurance. The main components of kola nuts are caffeine, theobromine, collain and phenols.

The composition of nuts:
Caffeine – stimulates the nervous system, increases alertness and concentration, can accelerate the metabolic rate.
Theobromine – has a diastolic effect on smooth muscles and blood vessels, may help reduce asthma, and also has a less stimulating effect than caffeine.
Colatine – an alkaloid that can increase endurance, reduce fatigue and improve mood.
Phenols – have an antioxidant effect, can contribute to the protection of cells from damage.

Kola nuts can have a beneficial effect on athletes, as they can increase endurance, reduce fatigue and improve mood. The caffeine contained in kola nuts can further accelerate the metabolic rate, which can help maintain body weight and reduce body fat.

Dosage: no specific guidelines.