PANAX GINSENG commonly known as Korean ginseng, is a plant with a long tradition of use, especially in Asian cultures. It is a perennial plant with a thick taproot that is used for medicinal purposes. It is valued for its content of ginsenosides – compounds with powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and adaptogenic effects.

How does Ginseng Proper (Panax Ginseng) work?

It affects the body in many ways. Its ginsenosides affect inflammatory reactions, oxidative processes and hormonal balance. It acts as an adaptogen – a substance that improves the body’s resistance to stress, both physical and mental.

Ginseng Proper (Panax Ginseng) for Athletes

Ginseng is a real treasure trove of benefits for athletes. It can enhance physical performance by improving energy levels and endurance. This makes it indispensable for active people who regularly subject their bodies to intense workouts.

In addition, it can speed up post-exercise recovery, allowing you to stay in top shape. This can reduce the time required to return to full fitness and minimize the risk of injury.

Dosage: 200 to 400 mg of the extract per day.