OAT BRAN is a by-product formed during the milling of oat grains. They are a rich source of dietary fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. Due to its nutritional properties, oat bran is often used as an additive to the diet, especially among athletes.

The composition of:
Dietary fiber – contain a lot of fiber, which helps regulate bowel function. Affects the maintenance of normal body weight and stabilizes blood sugar levels.
Protein – are a source of vegetable protein, which is important for building and regenerating muscles.
Vitamins – contain B vitamins, which play a key role in the metabolic and energy processes of the body.
Minerals – also provide minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. Which are essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Action on athletes:Oat bran can be beneficial for athletes due to:

Energy supply – the fiber and protein contained in oat provide a constant source of energy, which can be helpful during prolonged and intense workouts.
Regeneration support – the vegetable protein in oat can support muscle recovery after exercise.
Improving digestion – dietary fiber helps to maintain proper bowel function, which is important for the health of athletes.
Boosting the immune system – the vitamins and minerals in oat bran support the immune system, which can help maintain the health of athletes.

Dosage: 30 grams per day.