News from Afterdark – turkesterone, laksogenina, epi


Afterdark – laxogenin, turkesterone and epiandosterone

Surely you know the products of Afterdark Pharmaceuticals, which we mentioned earlier on the blog. The brand is gaining momentum and releasing new measures, this time focusing on anabolic supplements, such as turkesterone. What are we dealing with?

Below you will find tips on new products that will soon appear in selected stores.

Afterdark Turkabolen 60 caps

Turkabolen is a classic product based on turkesterone. It is a completely natural supplement with an anabolic effect that supports the body’s growth factors. Ajuga Turkestenica is the main plant providing active compounds like turkesterone. Ajuga Turkestenica also provides other ecdysteroids, but usually supplements are standardized for the amount of active turkesterone.

How does turkesterone work?

Its main action is to promote metabolic changes towards the growth of anabolism. It increases the synthesis of muscle proteins. Turkesterone increases the insulin sensitivity of tissues, which makes them more effective use of glucose and building components. Turkesterone also helps in regeneration, improves well-being, increases vitality.

1 capsule contains 550 mg of extract, which is standardized to 10% turkesterone. This is the amount that is commonly found in supplements of this type. The daily dosage should be about 500 mg of extract, so one package will be enough for 60 days.

Afterdark Isodrol 120 caps – laksogenina

Isodrol is an interesting combination of three active substances. We will find in the product:

  • Androstenolone – 25 mg – is a precursor of other anabolic hormones that are found in the human body. It works by stimulating the internal production of, for example, testosterone. It will effectively intensify protein metabolism, including muscle protein synthesis.
  • Laksogenin – 25 mg – belongs to natural substances that support the growth of muscle mass. Laksogenin, like turkesterone, is designed to improve insulin sensitivity of tissues. Laksogenin does not interfere with your endocrine system. Does not cause block. It can contribute to the improvement of appetite.
  • Abieta 8,11,13-trien-18-oic acid – 10 mg – dehydroabient acid is an estrogen blocker. Its addition is designed to inhibit the activity of the aromatase enzyme.

To sum up the product, we have here a combination of testosterone booster, natural anabolic substance like laksogenin and estrogen blocker. This combination seems to be very well thought out. We stimulate hormones inside the body, at the same time we provide a compound that improves anabolism. And the whole process is supervised by an aromatase inhibitor.

The amount of two capsules per day should fully demonstrate its potential.

Afterdark 3-beta-andro 60 caps – epiandosterone

The third product is 3β-Andro, which is a popular epiandostrone. This is a measure known as the popular EPI.It gives us very good quality gains in muscle mass, it does not cause retention. The compound does not aromatize to estrogens, which allows us to obtain a very strong anabolic effect. Epiandosterone is very well suited during the period of building the so-called qualitative muscle mass. Many amateurs of strong supplementation use it during fat reduction to give the figure an even more pronounced look.

How to dose epiandosterone? 1 capsule a day should give us a very good effect. As we can see, once again we are dealing here with a packaging that will easily last us for an 8-week cycle.

Review opinion

In our opinion, the products are the most hit. Turkesterone can now be found in the offer of every self-respecting company. The product arouses considerable interest among people looking for natural support for the body. From the comments that turkesterone-based supplements receive, we can see that the supplements are praised and widely used by naturals.

Another EPI in the market will not hurt either. A high dose of the active substance means that one capsule a day is enough for us to fully enjoy the effects of the product. This is a good move on the part of the company, which immediately offers us supplementation for 2 months.

We were most interested in the option of combining DHEA, laxogenin and dehydroabient acid. The supplement has a very high anabolic potential, which at the same time optimizes the work of the endocrine system. It can be an interesting solution to support the process of building muscle mass.

Where can I buy Afterdark news?

Afterdark supplements can be found in the BodyShock.PRO store