How not to gain weight on holidays? Use dietary supplements!

Dietary supplements to improve insulin sensitivity. Protect your body from storing energy in the form of unwanted fat.

How not to gain weight on holidays? Top 5 dietary supplements to support glucose metabolism.

The holiday season is an opportunity to spend time with your family. During this time, we renew many contacts and enjoy the closeness. Unfortunately, we usually spend our free time at a common table, where we begin to consume countless calories. Each of us has probably heard stories where the holidays end with comparing who and how much has accumulated an extra saddle. However, is there a way to avoid gaining weight too quickly? Can we use dietary supplements to support our metabolism? How to experience Christmas without stress? You will learn everything later in the text.

Diet at Christmas, does it make sense?

First of all, remember that the text is not addressed to players. If you have a competition and you need to prepare an impeccable form for the stage, there is no doubt that the diet should be kept even on holidays. However, if you are an amateur, do you have to torture yourself? People who honestly work on the figure all year round should not have a problem with the fact that for 2-3 days a little loosen with the diet on holidays.

If you train hard all year round, a light rest will not hurt you. It will be slightly different in the case of people who have recently been, for example, on reduction. Here, first of all, you should approach the topic reasonably. Sticking to a strict diet can cause more harmful stress than lightly loosening and tasting traditional foods. It is also a good idea to support the body with dietary supplements.

Remember that stress and excess cortisol is just as harmful as poor food.

Can dietary supplements protect against weight gain?

In the article, we will focus primarily on supplementation, which is designed to support glucose metabolism. Dietary supplements from the group of insulin mimicers are a good way to reduce weight gain. Such a product will allow you to experience the holidays without stress.

Insulin sensitivity of tissues is a concept referring to the possibility of using glucose for energy needs. This means that your body makes better use of the nutrients you eat. Most of the consumed ingredients are used for energy needs. The better insulin sensitivity we have, the less fat is stored in the body. Dietary supplements can therefore protect against weight gain during the holidays.

Below you will find a list of the five best dietary supplements that will support your metabolism during the holidays.

TOP 5 dietary supplements products that increase insulin sensitivity

Performax Labs – SLINMAX

Dietary supplements for the holidays

Slinmax is an excellent way to reduce fat deposition in the body. The supplement contains a blend of active ingredients such as Berberine, Gymnema and Banaba. These are extracts that perfectly support glucose metabolism and lower sugar. In addition, the product is supplemented with R-ALA, chromium and cinnamon extract. It is a comprehensive mixture that will allow you to fully control sugar.


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Berberine HCL Max is a dietary supplement that should be on the table along with traditional Christmas dishes. The main ingredient of the product is berberine in the HCL version. It belongs to the group of insulin mimicers with high biological potential. Berberine is such a powerful supplement that its effect is comparable to that of metformin. Berberine also has many health benefits. The supplement additionally contains turmeric extract, cinnamon and piperine.


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Mimic is another dietary supplement where the main role is played by effective berberine and jiaogulan plant extract. Berberine is already known to us from the description of previous products, so we will focus on jiaogulana. The plant extract has a lowering effect on blood glucose and cholesterol. So it is a good protective effect for our body during the festive gluttony. Moreover, the action of jiaogulan also affects insulin activity.

Hi-Tech INSULOAD dietary supplements

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Insuload is an advanced product from Hi-Tech that supports the control of blood sugar levels. In the product we find berberine, gymnema and R-ALA. However, this is not all, the product also contains bitter melon extract, banaba, cinnamon and green tea extract. The whole is complemented by an anabolic component such as fenugreek extract, which also supports insulin sensitivity of tissues. The Hi-Tech product is highly advanced and will also work well during the period of building muscle mass.

Metabolic Nutrition INSULEAN

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The last dietary supplement on our list is Insulean from Metabolic Nutrition. Supplement has a slightly different composition than its predecessors. The base, of course, is berberine, gymnema and lipoic acid. However, here we have additives that also increase the activity of metabolism in a slightly different way. We find in it evodiamine, theacrine and citrus aurantium extract.

What should you keep in mind during the holidays?

First of all, moderation counts. 
Do not mix foods rich in fat with products rich in sugar. 
Insulin mimicers are best used in the morning and evening.