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Hammer Labz – the basic line of supplements in the form of monopreparations.

Hammer Labz meets the expectations of customers and has released new products from the BASE RAGE line. It is a line of dietary supplements, in a one-component form, devoid of taste and additives, such as creatine HCL. We get a supplement that provides only the active substance without fillers. This is a very good move on the part of the Hammer Labz brand. We now have the ability to supplement our cycles also with individual substances, according to demand.

Hammer Labz offers us USA quality products. We get high-quality substances that are not supplemented with unnecessary additives. The manufacturer gives us the opportunity to choose only what we currently need in our cycle.

What can we find in the new BASE RAGE line?

Hammer Creatine HCL 300 g – creatine hydrochloride

Creatine hydrochloride is currently the best absorbable form of creatine. Its action allows for a high degree of absorption, and thus stronger support for the muscles. Training people are well aware of the importance of creatine. The product is a monopreparation, there are no additives in the composition. We only provide the active substance that we need. Crea hydrochloride is used almost entirely by your body.

Creatine is an anabolic

Cycles are currently not very popular. Creatine is used in the form of solid supplementation. Creatine is responsible for the ability to accumulate glycogen, water and energy substrates. This is an anabolic effect that we can use during the period of building muscle mass. Creatine is also a very good hormone optimizer. It raises testosterone levels and lowers cortisol and myostatin. Creatine is also a very good anti-catabolic. There is no need to stop it during the reduction period. We can use it all year round.

Hammer Beta-alanine 400 g – carnosine precursor

Beta-alanine is one of the basic additives that are worth using in the presence of creatine. Beta-alanine has a synergistic effect that supports the action of creatine. If we decide on supplementation, which is designed to significantly increase exercise capacity, it is worth considering the addition of beta-alanine. Its action allows you to delay the occurrence of lactic acid, which allows the muscles to work longer. Like the creatine described earlier, Hammer Labz beta-alanine is devoid of additives. We get a maximally pure product without fillers.

What beta-alanine is useful for

Beta-alanine is ideal for endurance sports. Its action is m.in to stimulate the synthesis of carnosine. It is a very powerful antioxidant that has a number of actions for our muscles. Thanks to beta-alanine supplementation, you are able to train more intensively. This action perfectly fits into the action of creatine. Together, they show much better performance than using them individually. The dosage of beta-alanine is similar to the dosage of creatine. 5 grams per day is a dose that allows it to work very well.

Hammer L-Citrulline 400 g – pre-workout booster

Citrulline belongs to the substance of the group of no-boosters. Its action, however, does not pump our muscles directly. Citrulline causes an increase in the level of arginine in the body, which in turn translates into an increase in nitric oxide. Citrulline also limits the activity of the arginase enzyme. This action allows you to increase the bioavailability of creatine itself. The Hammer product is 100% pure l-citrulline. It is devoid of taste and other additives, so we get only a pure ingredient.

Citrulline is a no-booster

Citrulline is an excellent no-booster. Its action allows us to get a good muscle pump. It is usually used in pre-workouts. Citrulline improves training sensations. It allows you to get a larger muscle pump, which translates into the intensity of training. The action of no-boosters is not only a pleasant workout. They have an impact on the increase of endurance, but also contribute to better regeneration. Citrulline allows for faster transport of lactic acid. It can contribute to lowering muscle soreness.

Hammer L-Arginine 400 g – no-booster

Arginine allows the production of nitric oxide. Its action causes the expansion of blood vessels, which increases blood flow through the veins. This causes the effect of the so-called muscle pump. During strength training, your muscles fill the blood faster and harder. Interestingly, arginine complements its action with citrulline. The use of both substances together in a portion allows you to increase the effectiveness of arginine.

Do we need arginine?

The action of arginine is mainly used in the peri-workout period. It is used as a no-booster – it stimulates nitric oxide in the body. Its action is focused on the expansion of blood vessels. This gives us a very good pumping effect that we can use during activity. Arginine is also used after training and before bedtime. This action will allow us to regenerate muscles faster after exercise. The use of arginine before bedtime, in turn, improves the quality of sleep and supports the production of growth hormone.

Hammer L-Glutamine 400 g – anti-catabolic

The last supplement from Hammer’s novelty is l-glutamine. L-glutamine belongs to amino acids with anti-catabolic effect. Its main action is to protect muscle tissue from breakdown. L-glutamine in a significant amount is found in muscle tissue, which is why it is very important for people training. The hammer brand product is high-quality glutamine, which is a 100% amino acid, without additives. Glutamine is an effective anti-catabolic. Its action also supports the digestive system and, above all, the work of the intestines. In bodybuilding, a healthy gut is the basis when it comes to using 100% of the possibilities of the diet. A healthy gut also means better immunity and counteracting inflammation and infections.

How to use l-glutamine?

The best time to take over glutamine is the peri-workout period.Glutamine is primarily an amino acid with a strong protective effect. Its use during training allows you to significantly reduce muscle breakdown. 10 g before and 10 g after training is a dose that will solidly protect against catabolism.

Summary of the BASE RAGE line

Of course, current novelties do not enter the market with completely new solutions. These are the total basics, known to us for years. However, in the case of Hammer, we can be sure that we get high-quality products that are obtained from trusted suppliers in the USA. Hammer thought carefully about the issue and released all those active substances that are needed in the diet of a training person. What’s more, individual substances can be combined with each other and create any stacks that meet our requirements.

We recommend using:

Before training: Beta-alanine 3 g, Creatine 3 g, Citrulline 2 g, Arginine 4 g.

During training: L-Glutamine 10 g.

After training: L-Glutamine 5 g, Beta-alanine 3 g, Creatine 3 g.

Before bedtime: Arginine 2 g.

Where to buy news from Hammer Labz?
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