FIFOLIC ACID , also known as vitamin B9 or folacin, is a chemical compound that performs an important function in the body. It is necessary for the production and regeneration of cells. Including red blood cells, as well as for the synthesis of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). Folic acid is especially important for athletes because it helps in the production of energy needed to perform physical exertion. In addition, it helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system.

It has a positive effect on the immune system. Which is especially important for people practicing sports at a high level. Lack of enough B9 in the diet can lead to anemia, as well as negatively affect the work of the nervous system. Therefore, it is important for athletes to have the right amount of folic acid in their diet. Products rich in folic acid include: dark green leafy vegetables. We can also find it in: oranges, avocados, nuts, seeds, as well as cereal products enriched with this vitamin.

Dosage: 400 mcg per day.