EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA – an extract from an Asian plant, often called Tongkat Ali. It is used both as an aphrodisiac and as a substance with tonic properties. It prevents signs of exhaustion and increases endurance, while also having a stimulating effect on libido. The plant contains alkaloids and glycosides (such as beta-carboline and quassinoids), both of which affect the “activity” of testosterone. In addition, Eurycoma has positive benefits for both mood and cognitive function. Research is being conducted to determine whether this plant can reduce the development of osteoporosis. As a means of strengthening the psychophysical condition and having a positive effect on the level of male hormones, Eurycoma longifolia is a popular ingredient in dietary supplements for athletes. Additionally, the extract can be found in herbal treatments that aim to increase sexual function.

Dosage: 400-800 mg per day.