Creatine monohydrate is the most common, well-known, and widely available form of creatine that’s used in nutritional supplements for athletes. It’s also the most affordable. A molecule and a water molecule are bonded together to form a monohydrate molecule. Which is what gives creatine monohydrate its name. Although there have been many attempts to promote modern forms of creatine, thus belittling the advantages of monohydrate, pointing to its poor stability in solutions or the necessity to use high doses, it still enjoys an exceptionally high level of popularity despite the fact that many enthusiasts consider it to be inferior to other forms of creatine.

Despite these attempts, continues to be the most widely used type of creatine. Both the bioavailability of dietary. The rate of tissue saturation have been shown to be very high, with the former being even higher than that of some so-called “modern forms of creatine.” This has been demonstrated by studies that have been conducted independently by scientists.

Dose: 5 g daily