CNIDIUM MONNIERI – the umbellate plant of Cnidium Monnier (She Chuang Zi) is rich in various bioactive compounds. These include sesquiterpenes, sitosterols, coumarins and phenylephrine. It has a stimulating effect on the neurological system. In addition, it has antifungal, antibacterial and antihistamine properties. It also has aphrodisiac properties. Monnier also has a protective effect on the liver parenchyma, supports digestive processes and stimulates the production of gastric juices. Also, people suffering from acne can benefit from it because it helps in improving the appearance of the skin. The active ingredients of Cnidium Monnier extract have been shown to increase nitric oxide synthesis. In sports supplementation, it usually accompanies other ingredients that increase exercise capacity.

Dosage: 300-500 mg of extract per day.