CITRULINE MALATE – or citrulline malate is a molecule that is formed as a result of the combination of the amino acid citrulline and malic acid. The ionized form of malic acid is involved in the process of energy metabolism in the body. The main benefit of taking a supplement containing malate is to increase the amount of arginine present in the body. Which in turn stimulates the production of nitric oxide. During strength training, the so-called “muscle pump effect” is used. Drives the growth of sarcoplasm by filling the tissues with blood.

In addition, this effect is very motivating when it comes to the desire to participate in physical activities, which translates into a more intense effort. In addition, supplementation with citrulline malate is used to support the transit of lactic acid. Which in turn helps to minimize the amount of post-workout muscle pain. Citrulline also has an effect on supporting the effect of muscle regeneration. As evidenced by the fact that the so-called DOMS (delayed muscle pain) are less annoying. CITRULINE MALATE can be purchased both as an independent preparation. As an element of more complex creatine stacks, no-boosters and amino acid supplements.

Dosage: 3000 mg before training.