CINNAMON POWDER – is a ground form of cinnamon, often used in the form of a spice. It has been proven to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, and can also affect the way glucose is metabolized. Cinnamon is a source of bioactive chemical compounds that have a strong effect on the human body. Can help improve blood sugar levels and regulate body weight. In some studies, it has been found that it contributes to the improvement of the lipid profile of the blood. It supports the functioning of the liver, and most importantly, reduces hyperglycemia by a significant amount, while improving glucose tolerance.

In vitro studies have shown that the chemicals found in cinnamon have an inhibitory effect on the formation of fat cells. The effect of lowering sugar levels will also effectively increase the insulin sensitivity of tissues. better glucose uptake, more effective action of insulin is also an improvement in the transport of nutrients, such as glucose, creatine or amino acids, to muscle cells. Can be found in many dietary supplements, such as fat burners, creatine stacks, nutritional preparations, antioxidant complexes and others.

Dosage: 100-1000 mg per day.